94 Civic coupe b18c1 built an turbo (NO RUST)

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94 Black Civic coupe, fully built GSR engine and trans. (including Quaife diff; complete parts list available for serious inquiries nothing was left stock, and all work was professionally done). Complete MegaSquirt build, coil packs (no distributor) and crank timing sensor. This is was just finished this week. the car is being tuned on a Dyno on Friday or Saturday hopefully (I'll be posting the results). Pictures of Interior available soon as well. If I get the offer I'm looking for, the car is sold. Just under 20 grand into engine and car so lets be realistic. It took almost two years to build, and is just being completed, but about six months ago I got a deal I couldn't turn down on another car and it has since been my focus.


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an yeah, i know it's a little turbo, it's the greddy bolt on kit. I didn't want anything crazy, just somethin really, really quick... quick enough to really hurt the feelings of somebody drivin a v8 no problem.
I can't go below 9. It's a brand new finished build, hasn't been driven more than 10 miles (won't drive on a street tune, and with work I haven't had time to get on the dyno). Only selling it if I get what I know it's worth. Would be willing to trade the set up for a gsr or b16 and cash though.
even have a 3 inch exhaust and downpipe (it's only 2.5 right now) that I would throw in.

Forgot to mention before; it's autometer silver faced gauges; AFR and WideBand on the piller, Boost, Temp, Oil flush where the cd player would be.