94 DX Coupe 5 Speed

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In my own little world!
Ok guys this is a feeler / maybe kind of car but I want to see what ever one thinks.

Got my DD that im looking to sell

156*** Body Hardly any rust that hasen't been taken care of!
55,*** on D15B with Vtec - Vtech not hitched up atm due to No Brain support
Execl Stage 2 Clutch - Clutch has 9,*** miles Shifts very smoth
Tenzo short throw with type R knob
Auto Zone Tac, No my wiring job, but works well :)
You Hype Prormace 200 Racing seats need better Mounts
z3 finders - Gay but look ok
Cadence door speakers with some cheapo's in the rear
Cheap ballpunk CD deck, works nice
New Plugs / wires 3k ago
New Fuel Filter 3k ago
Oil change 1,200 Miles ago

now for the bad!

Broken windsheild - needs to be repaced but driveable
Needs driver side front blinker, someone stole mine
Breaks are at about 50% need replacement soon
The heater core valve is Busted, needs to be replaced, or hose run from motor to Heater core for heat to work
Exaust has that fart can on the end
Car has no Cat for you Smog state people
No airbags in working order, all unpluged
No Power Stearing
Tires showing exesive wear in the front, aka left rear tire soft causeing left front to ride bad, causing wear, have 2 spares in trunk tho + full size spare
I call it bad but them crappy Cheap auto zone blue headlights high beam only or drive padidal like

I'm open to offers, The pictures I have have the gay Body kit I took off and the rims I sold... Updated pictures on Request... let me know... Offer me what ever, I'm open to alot of stuff!