94 gsr motor into 96 civic hatch


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well.. this is my first time on this site. and i just started my swap. also. it is my first time doin a swap. dont have any experience on this. im familiar with hondas/motors. but im doin this all by myself.. took me a day just to pull the motor out.. lol.. we'll see wat happens.. i got the motor in the car.. now its juss wiring.. wish me luck.. ill keep yall updated.. = B) for wiring.. i have my 94 gsr harness.. and a civic ex harness.. wat do i do.. where do i start.. im planning on using a jumper/pigtail conversion harness since my motor is an OBD1 into an OBD2 car.. to run my obd1 gsr ecu.. wat do i need to change?? do i need to change the injectors?? distibutor?? if i run my obd1 ecu?? thanks.... ...hiEn..


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Where are you located? In many states it's illegal to put an engine that's older that the chassis into it... so whatever you put into your '96, you need to stay OBD2...