WI '94 red Toyota Supra 6 speed fully built over 1000rwhp

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I am putting my '94 supra up for grabs. It is an ORIGINAL 6 speed twin turbo model swapped to single turbo with a fully built engine. Not a NA model, or automatic model that was converted....want to make that clear since i see plenty of others selling those as originals. This does have the targa top. Around $80k was put into the car to make it the beast it is today. The car has absolutely NO rust on it, underbody etc. Only 64k original miles on the car. All factory interior, leather seats, A/C, power steering, power mirrors, power windows, auto climate control. Interior is as clean as when you buy it from the dealer. I also have the original dealer window sticker which shows the car sold for $48,150. Buyer added the premium sound system, leather trim package, rear spolier, carpet floor mats and mudguards at the time for extra.

Specs are....

1994 Toyota Supra original TT 6 speed targa

64,xxx original miles on Chassis
Original Renaissance red paint
Clean title in hand
Comes with original Toyota Dealer window sticker
Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

640 RWHP @ 18 psi 93 octane tuned
1000 RWHP @ 34 psi C16 gas... max boost is 45 psi (Capable of a possible 1150 RWHP) Could make more power but 1000rwhp was the goal I can email the dyno graph if needed (maxed the dyno out.) I would recommend a retune and more fuel add ons if you plan to run race gas on a daily basis.
USDM original 2jzgte engine
Wiseco .20 over pistons with upgraded wrist pins
crower rods
Line honed to accept ACL bearings
arp main/rod bolts
HKS 280 Cams
HKS head gasket
HKS cam gears
HKS timing belt
HKS Twin Power ignition
NGK plugs
ATI crank pulley
Ferrera 1mm oversized Valves ferrera springs and retainers
5 angle valve job
Light port/polish on the cylinder head
All new Toyota Valve stem seals
AUTHENTIC Veilside intake manifold with 100mm throttle body *$4000 manifold* now discontinued for years... very rare if you've been following up on the supra scene
Custom built PCV setup with exhaust vacuum ports
New toyota oil pump/water pump
Valve covers were ceramic heat coated as well as some other engine parts

Greddy 4 row intercooler
Greddy BOV
Custom built turbo manifold (ceramic coated by thermotech)
Custom Garrett GT45-08R ball bearing turbo (T4 flanged) Ceramic coated, compressor housing polished
Tial 44mm wastegate (open dump tube)

Dual -6 steel braided fuel feed lines with inline fuel filters (factory hard line return)
Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
1000cc Delphi 17113744 95lb. injectors
Dual intank Walbro fuel pumps

Boost Logic 4" Exhaust
Boost logic 4"midpipe and modded 4" downpipe

TRD front Strut Bar
1300 RWHP Chromoly Drive Shaft (driveshop shop)
TRD mounts
Tien flex suspension
Cusco rear strut bar

Mishimoto Aluminum radiator
Greddy overflow bottle
(2) dual Zirgo 14" puller fans, and (1) 16" Zirgo pusher fan
Polished air diversion plate
Radiator upper hard pipe
Modified upper water neck for turbo clearance (bleeder valve welded to the top)
Modified lower water neck
Toyota red/distilled water with redline water wetter

Factory TT brakes
New Toyota pads
Brembo slotted front/rear brake rotors
Goodrich stainless brake hoses

Wheels pictured are gold Volk 18" SF challenge which have BFG drag radial 315 tires in the rear 295 in the front. If you plan on keeping those i would recommend rolling the fenders to make it look more flush (as you can see they stick out slightly). I do not want to modify the body in any way if the buyer doesn't want it to be.
I also have silver 18" silver Volk GT-C's with 295 BFG drag radials in the rear. They fit flush all around on the car.
You get your choice on the rims, or the car without any rims (you provide your own) i will knock extra money off the car
Authentic Veilside Front Lip
Rest of the car is factory (factory toyota front mud flaps)
Darker window tint (i believe 10% could be 15%)

A-pillar dual gauge pod
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy Boost Guage
AEM Wide Band Guage and O2 Sensor
AEM standalone ECU
Greddy Exhaust temp guage
Blitz Electronic Boost Controller
Greddy shift knob
TRD oil cap
Sparco pedal pads
Battery relocated to the trunk, 1/0 power wire was used

Too much to list.... a lot more not mentioned.
I really like the car, but have too many things in the back of my mind that i would like to do to it. Honestly i wanted to repaint the whole car a darker color (black) and de-mod it somewhat to make it more of a daily driver, but i just can't do it. I'd hate to strip the whole thing down to the bare metal to change the color. You definately can drive this car on the street. I take it out every couple days with the nice weather we are having here but don't expect a smooth ride. Suspension is set at full firm level to avoid bottoming the lip out and the wider tires. Clutch is kind of touchy, but mostly just in stop and go traffic. Car boosts around 5000rpm and handles up to 8500rpm with the valvetrain but hasn't gone past the factory 7000rpm redline since the dyno.
I do also own another white '94 supra that is going to be my dragster so having two really isn't necessary. I do plan on picking up the new GTR so i will consider a trade + cash on my end for one. All other trades i may consider, but it must be worth it on my end. I lowered the price down for the car which i feel is a deal compared to how much the parts alone cost on the car. Bring your own rims for it and i will lower it even more! Veilside manifold i would like to keep for my dragster to test in comparision with my hypertuned but i'd hate to remove/retune. If you have your own manifold i'm open to ideas! To build one up yourself you'll be spending more then double, not including the car.
Contact me through PM or call (414)840-5364 with any questions you may have. Leave a message if i do not answer and i will return your call at my earliest convenience. Please do not waste my time if you do not have the funds.

Price is $39k for the car

Thank you.








verrry nice! i hate red but i love a clean clean clean built supra. GLWS
That turbo is bigger than my head. Sexy car.
Psh, my totally factory crx with 213k miles would chew that thing up and shit it out by lunch.... Nah Jk, you'd be gone before I could jump start my car. GLWS, not a big Supra fan, but I am a 1000+ HP fan.