'95 Civic Lx Needs A New Engine

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I have a 1995 Honda Civic, LX, 4dr. I want to put an engine that has some power in it, but i dont know where to start. I need suggestions on where to start and on where to go.
more power is WAY too general dude.

what do you use/want to use your car for?

drag? street? autox? just a little more umph?
My car will be mostly used on the streets, but I race ever so often, so I need the power to be there.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 5 2003, 01:41 AM
drag? street? autox?

all of those are kinds of racing.... all of those require very different setups
be more specific
Maybe you dont know what oyu want.. so i will explain a lil..

autox.. some classes or events wont allow ANY f/i, but those who do.. Supercharger is your best bet b/c its for acceleration.. For street racing.. turbo setups are getting so popular on the street, its almost the norm. Some street racing is done for miles on the highway.. for street racing.. i myserlf would go cr/vtec.. CRV b20 with vtec head. Full build it. Calesta did his and makes around 180-190 to the wheels and can still build it up more then it is. If you wanna drag the car and want it to haul ass and not cost you your nuts.. then go ls/t or crv/t.

the ultimate choices.. but not always the best...

supercharge a b16 or if you want n/a.. ITR = autox

turbo a ls or crv or if you want n/a.. cr/vtec = street

turbo ls or crv for the drags.. staying n/a will cost you more $$$ then its worth.