95 Gsr Ecu In A 95 Stock Ls?

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I have a 1995 Integra LS, I was wondering if I would get any more preformance if I were to swap out the stock ecu for a 1995 GSR ecu. The car is perfectly stock. Would this work? Any tips?
No, the gs-r ecu looks for secondary "butterflys" in the IM, it also has vtec and completely different fuel maps. You would probably loose performance. The stock ecu is good for your motor until you start doing more then bolt ons to it.
The ECU does not look for secondary butterflies, it can use them if they are present. It doesn't flip if they are not.

All those issues are small beans compared to the big one:
Your LS engine can't handle 8200 RPM in stock form!
I'd love to see your bottom end after your first trip to 8200. In short, no it won't work.
WOW Thanks Isvtec, it sounds like you know alot, and that you are really cool too! A simple yes or no would work instead of insulting my intelegence.
Where did I insult your intelligence? Where did I come out and say "I have no idea who reacemonkey is, but he is an idiot"? I didn't. You are welcome to read what ever you want into my post, but the simple truth is I did more than just tell you no, I explained why.