95 VX and i WANT to go obd-0...


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Ok i have a 95 hatch...obd-1 obviously, and my friend gave me his whole b16 swap ut of his CRX for really really cheap, im talkin 600 for EVERYTHING. This being said, i just wanna use his setup, i do NOT want to convert to obd-1 I want to stay obd-0. So basically i just wanna know what specifically i will have to do for this swap, I've heard its hard, and not hard. I have GSR shiftlinkage and integ mounts, im converting to cable tranny also. i mean its only $150 for the mount. I have a VX...can i only use my inner harness and use his harness for the engine and ECU? will i have to do the o2 sensor thing (5 wire to 4 wire)? Please help me, i have all his parts and mine all avaiable. Also do i need to change the throttle cable? :blink:


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im sorry but i dont think you should do that. this is a very easy change from obd 0 to 1. change the injectors , distributor and ecu and get a tranny conversion kit.
dont be a cheap ass, shit you got the motor for a steal.


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so all i gotta do is change the injectors, ecu, and dizzy? wat bout intake manifold? im keepin the tranny, i love it! haha fuk hes got a chipped ECU can i take the chip from it? VTEC 4500 redline like 8800...its knarly (never taken past 8 grand tho). Well than do i just use my stock harness, change the o2 sensor...(still confused about the throttle cable tho) and then wat?! is there any way to stay OBD-0??? $$$$ < :angry:


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Not trying to, i got almost 2 years till smog, but thanks......anyone else help? If i do go obd-1 which ecu should i use? GSR? jdm SiR 2? junk 2 chipped p28? lemme know!? :(
obd-0 any info??


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P30 or chipped P28.

Dude, don't o OBD 0, just get a OBD IM with all injectors and sensors on it, and a hydraulic tranny. Then sell your old stuff.