96 Teg 12psi M62 Jrsc, New Trans & Clutch

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The LS Avenger

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1996 Integra LS --- Perfect for bolt-up hybrid to 92-95 Civic !

Car was rear-ended, major unrepairable damage to body behind B-pillar. Front clip untouched. Everything works. All receipts available.
B18b1 engine, 80K miles, 90K service already done (timing belt, water pump) oil changed less than every 5K miles

Jackson Racing Type-R Supercharger - Eaton M62, spins to 12 psi, on for 20K miles. Normal Jackson supercharger for LS is 30 percent smaller M45 blower at 6 PSI. 190 wheel hp / 160 lb-ft torque (est). See here for more details: Endyn B18 b1/c5 manifold conversion

All mods to support 12 psi operation (stepper pulley, Cartech FMU, AEM FPR, 310cc injectors, gauges, oil catch can)
Rebuilt LS transmission and ACT HD clutch installed Oct 2002, less than 1000 miles on it
Kamikaze 4-1 2.5" header
TypeR USDM cat-back exhaust
TypeR front brakes (11.4" brembo rotors)
much much more

Front bumper cap, hood, fenders, and passenger front door are intact. There is also a TypeR front strut tower bar and rear sway bar on it. In the Philadelphia area, buyers would need to tow it away. I would prefer to sell this whole than part it out . If I part it out then my labor is involved which costs money. You can get a much better deal by just buying the whole thing.

In order of preference, shipping not included.

1. Whole car, you get the title etc. $4000 Free Helm's manual with purchase !
2. Entire engine assembly (engine trans clutch SC SC 12PSI mods full exhaust) $3500
3a. Engine trans clutch OEM parts (injectors, intake manifold, exhaust, airbox) $2000
3b. Supercharger with 12 PSI mods $2000

No way am I sub-parting it out further (ie: SC at 6 PSI)
If you are handy and local, other pieces of the car are up for grabs.

Car is going on ebay in March