97 EK

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So I bought someone else's project car he said the motor is a B18A1 with I believe a YS1 transmission my question is about the harness he told me that the stock DX harness will wire up with it with some modifications but I was looking into other threads some people were recommending a 91 integra harness or an aftermarket harness but the guy said the motor is OBD0 so what harness would I need to use? Electrical is not my field in mechanics so whatever advice I'm given I'll look into it.
in general, you use the vehicles harness and swap plugs on the things that don't fit (like the alt, injectors, distributor).

This swap is not legal is most areas (putting an obd 0 engine in an obd2 car) so do keep that in mind if you have emissions or inspection in your state.
yea obd0 engine obd2 car , wrong engine for the car and no you cannot just put a DA harness in it it the connect to chassis differently. Pull the a1 out and sell it and put a correct obd2 engine in