'97 F22B2 swap for an H22

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I'm looking into doing an H22 swap into my '97 Accord Lx and was wondering if I could get any knowledge that any of you might have. I've read some of the previous posts and learned some of the issues involved but I wonder if anyone can help me out, as I'm not too experienced or knowledgeable in something this extensive.

Also, do you know if this swap requires any complex ECU reprogramming or wiring? I'm assuming this isn't exactly a do-it-yourself project or is it?

Anyone know of any good reputable installers that I could discuss with? I'm in Maryland but I don't mind if they're out of state.

Thanks in advance.

- badtz
It's definitely a DIY project. I dropped an H22 into my Accord in an extended weekend (Friday afternoon-Monday evening), working not exactly around the clock with two of my friends. You just need the right tools and a creative mind for any problems that can (and will) arise. Having all the parts required beforehand helps.

If you're using the P13 H22 ECU, you'll have a bit of rewiring to do to the harness. Nothing crazy. Just a couple of wires. You'll also have the VTEC wiring to do, once again, nothing too difficult.

The rest of the issues that come about with this swap have been posted on this board already. Try a search, or post some specifics.
Thanks for your reply dohcvtec_accord! your suggestion for a DIY project sounds very exciting but also challenging. After more research on the web I found this great site, www.h22a.org, that tells you in detail about how to perform a 5th generation H22A swap.

Unfortunately, I am not very good in mechanics and swapping engine is a bit too challenging for me. That's why I prefer to be safe and let people who has more experience in the subject to do the job.

Looking for a shop to perform the swap for a reasonable price ($2500 - $3000) is not an easy task neither. I know that Maryland is not CA, but I'm confident that there should be some of them around here.

That's my little Xmas gift, anyone can tip me on where to find a shop ? :D
Yeah, I probably wouldn't suggest it unless you had some friends helping that know what they're doing. It's definitely an easy swap compared to some others, but I understand your wanting to have someone more experience perform the swap. I'd highly recommend being present for the swap, though. It gets you very in tune with your car and how it works.
Thank you very much for your reply, I really appriciate that.

It turns out that the Tempestracing is only 1/2 an hour from where I am, so I'll certainly go there since they are asking $2500 to do the swap. And as you suggested, I'll see if they let me stay around when they'll do work.

Dochvtec_accord, you have mentioned that the H23 is better for turbo. Why is that?
Unless you're an experienced tuner, trying to tune a VTEC head for turbo is quite complicated. You're better off getting the non-VTEC head, and getting the extra tenth of a liter displacement in the process. Plus, the H23 tranny is better suited for a turbo application than an H22 tranny (it's geared longer, which lets the turbo spool longer).
Well, I went to Tempest today and have a very interesting conversation with the owner.

I told him that my goal is to do the 1/4 mile in 13'. Then he suggested that I turbocharge my F22 instead of swapping for the H22. His reason is that even with a H22, I may need to turbocharge it to reach my goal.

Now I'm face with a dilemma! :blink:

Any input? plz.....
Yeah, you probably won't make 13's very easily in the Accord, H22 or not. It's a heavy-ass car, unfortunately. You could try some extreme weight-shaving measures (CF hood, racing seats, removing sound dampening materials) along with the H22 swap, but you'll still have to do some heavy tuning to the H22 to get you into the 13's.

Turboing the F22 is an option, as you said. It's boost-friendly from the factory (lots of room up front, 8.8:1 compression). If you want to run in thr 13's though, you'll need to do some upgrades to handle the amount of boost you'll need to run. Things like forged rods, resleeving the block, upgrading the valvetrain, etc. Either way, it's going to be a decent amount of work. But you can probably get away with it without doing a motor swap.