97 lx

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I own a 97 lx civic and yes it is an auto (but for $5000 that u had to pay and ur parents bought it new, really can't beat that price.) i have gotten some prices for a tranny swap and they are a bit pricy BUUUTTT a friend of mine is selling me his 89 acura integra for $500, i'd rebuild it, build it up and throw it in. But I wanna know how much of a pain it will be to do the engine swap. i have bought a full body kit, molded in my side skirts and I am in the process of installing a nice stereo system in it. In other words, liek I was reading some other posts, I would loose alot of money if I did decide to sell my car and get a stick shift car, but anyways, i just want some tips on what I should do. Im not going to race my car but I just wanna drop a new engine in. If the engine swap is too difficult, my other option was to put on a SOHC V-tec head so is that possible to? In the last year or so I have just started to learn about jap. cars (im a muscle car fan) so im just try to get some tips. Thanks
You can convert the transmission to manual if you find a competent shop (or are good yourself) to do it... prices and success rates vary. If you're near the Dallas area, Intercrew (click on the link in my sig) will do it.

The 89 Integra didn't come with an engine much more powerful than what your car has in it... so honestly- I wouldn't bother with it. You'll have an engine that's 8 years older than your car, and that's illegal in most places- plus do you really want an engine that old?

What you might want to do is swap a B series in there, like a B18 or a B20- you could keep the automatic if you wanted to. You'd have a nice torquey setup for not too much money, and it would be pretty fun to drive. You won't be beating on any V8's, but it would still be a blast to drive.

You CAN swap a VTEC head (not V-tec) onto your D16 block. Search the forum for "mini-me" and you'll find it. You could also just swap in a D16Y8 (SOHC VTEC) engine, then play with that- you'll have a more solid platform to build on than your stock engine.

What's your budget, and how fast do you want to go? Answer these, and more people will be able to help answer your questions.