TX 98 Eagle Talon TSi AWD TURBO 5spd GREAT condition!

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Buck Futter
1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
2.0L Turbo, 5 speed manual transmission
Pewter Blue Pearl
VIN: 4E3AL54FXWE025340
100,6xx miles
$5000 OBO

This is a 1998 Eagle Talon TSi all-wheel drive turbo that I recently acquired from a friend of mine. It's in AMAZING condition, and is SUPER clean inside and out!

This too-good-to-be-true car has leather interior, power driver seat, ICE COLD A/C, four-wheel ABS disc brakes, and several other awesome features from the factory. The only modifications to the vehicle are a Kenwood head unit, a 1st gen BOV, and a TD05 16G Evo III turbocharger. The turbocharger was replaced because the original had a seal leaking, and this one was already avaialble. Other than that, the car is COMPLETELY stock and has never been apart.

There are a few very minor rust spots in the rear fender wells, the driver side visor has a small tear, and the headliner sags a tiny bit. The doors have a few VERY minor dings, and the exterior passenger side door handle was broken when I was picking up the car, so the passenger exterior door handle is being replaced (I bought a new OEM handle, it's currently at the paint shop being painted, I'll have it back and on the car later today or tomorrow). There are a few faded spots on the deck lid, however I decided against touching them up and/or re-clearing the deck lid, as this car has NEVER been in ANY type of accident, never had ANY paintwork or touch-ups, and the car has all original paint that, spare the deck lid, is in AMAZING condition!

After I got the car, I went over and cleaned and detailed the entire car, changed the coolant and engine oil (100k antifreeze and Mobil1 10w30), changed the plugs and wires (NGK wires, NGK platinum plugs), installed a new battery, and replaced a broken coolant hose for the fast idle thermal valve. Once I had everything together I went through and checked compression (150 +/- 2 all the way across) and did a leakdown and block test - everything passed with flying colors. I went ahead and took the car in and had an inspection done, so the inspection is good thru 10/13. Car does not have plates or current registration, which shouldn't matter because you should register this in your name as soon as you buy it anyways.

This is a GREAT little car that is an absolute BLAST to drive, and part of me wants to hold on to it because I've always wanted an AWD turbo DSM...but I want wheels for my E39 wagon, and I need some funds to finish building the chassis for my 2013 racebike, so this has to go. I'm selling it as-is with no warranty expressed or implied for $5000 OBO, NOTRADES, PERIOD. NO TEST DRIVES WITHOUT CASH IN HAND.
Vehicle is located on the Northside, I'll be driving it to work a bit I'm sure, so the mileage may increase slightly. I work off of 1960 and Jones, the car can be viewed any time.

Best way to contact me is to call or text 9364653629.











Your friend's name Craig? :ph34r: Clean! glws
Anyone who sells me a car with nothing wrong with it for a crazy low price because they think something is wrong with it is a friend of mine ;)
Pending sale to someone in Chicago that's gonna pay me to transport it...and I could use a vacation! Just took a $2k deposit, pending sale until further notice!!!