98 ITR B18C5 motor COMPLETE

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full swap , axels , linkage , rechipped p28 or OBD2 p73 , LSD tranny , full engine , 40,000 USDM - $4500 OBO
got vin/papers or what itr its from? too many usdm c5 blocks are hot. just trying to look out for everyone here...
my friend is posting this motor for me - my friends type r got rear ended they totalled it so he bought it back and sold me his motor for my civic if your intrested i can get the vin / recipt from the kid - well a friend just wrecked my finished civic ready for the motor therefore the motor is going to be sold becaue i now have no car to put it in - to all u guys out there , dont let your buddys joyride your car all the hard work i have into my car is gone - remember that
Originally posted by SolLess16@Jul 19 2003, 11:42 AM
lol - sry cant go that low on this

just had to check, you never know when you could get lucky....