99-00 factory mounts in 94 si?


it is kinda hard to say exactly which mounts and brackets you will need if you are unsure of which swap you want to get and which generation swap also.
You may need to mix match with GSR brackets and your existing mounts, but it still depends on which swap you go into.
Come back after you have decided.
i did a b16a2 NOT the same as SIR II, and i had to use 2 GSR brackets, and the rest i reused my existing mounts and brackets.


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use mainly the mounts from an integra b series.. plus some of the eg mounts.. i got the ones from the integra if needed..


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You'd want the Integra rear bracket. For the drivers side, you need ot getone that would match the bracket, and what pattern the bolts are, whether they are straight or offset (the ones off the bracket, that the mount bolts to).