99 civic si b16a2 need help with a cheap reliable 6-8pst turbo build

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hi I am new to the forums but not new because i registerred a long time ago just only been on once, but i have limited access to the internet right now so i was just needing some advice, i just bought a 99 civic si shell i gave 1500 for it at a buy here pay here i found it sitting in the back, interior is pretty well mint, the body is very clean besides a dent in each door, don't know what kinda wheels those are, but its missing the engine, came with transmission, and header, and still has everything else there, i have a full b16a2 swap at my house, but what i was wandering is i wanting to rebuild the b16 because when its cold it has a slight knock till it warms up, so i was going to go ahead and do knew bearings and rings while the engine is out, but i was wandering if there is a decently cheap turbo build that i can do to make it reliable for a dd i just wanna do 6-8 psi, i have a farret m10 turbo, no clue about the specs, looks pretty small, but i was wandering if i could just throw some cp turbo pistons, and eagle h beam rods, and arp headstuds, and get it tuned for 7 psi would that be reliable and hold up for a long time, compared to the stock version, and would acl race bearings be a good idea? or stock? and one more thing is do I HAVE to bore the block for aftermarket pistons? id rather not bore it but if i have to, and what size? i do all my own work, i rebuild my own engines, just dont have knowlege of building an engine for power or what all needs to be done, or boring, and sizes, i just want it to be decently fast but more reliable, it is going to be my dd, and i'm not going to run it hard all the time, any advice? would that be reliable? hold up well? and here is the pictures to my shell, i dont know why the hood does not seat right when it closes, does not look like its ever beedn wrecked or nothing is bent, has clean title as well, 133,000 miles, fenders and hood have been replaced though, but nothing looks bent at all, i was going to upload pics from my computer but can't figure out how lol