A/C installation

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Just got most of the swap done (B18c1 to a 95 civic ex) but have run into something interesting. I have the a/c compressor mounted and all is well. The fittings from the stock civic compressor-to-condensor lines seem to be the same as the Teg compressor. But they are at a different angle and will kink the hose if forced into position. So next logical step would be to get integra hoses and fittings but it is a way different setup being the big difference in condensors and hose positions.

Anyway to get around this? Do I just bend the fittings from the civic and cross my fingers they dont break?
to get the a/c to fit right on your car you have to get the a/c braket from a 95 delsol with the b16 in it. i do not have the part # for it but that will work...

well good luck
These are the correct part numbers to put your D-series compressor on your B-series motor:

38930-P7J-000 CRV Bracket
38930-P54-000 Del Sol Bracket

Since you have a B18, you can use the cheaper CRV bracket( It's like $60 at SLHondaparts.com). If you had a shorter deck height B16, you would've HAD to use the Del Sol bracket.

Since i'm feeling like a nice guy today(and because i'm bored), here's the link for the CRV Bracket: http://www.slhondaparts.com/search.asp?partNo=38930-P7J-000

It's $62 versus the $112 for the Del Sol Bracket.