A different swap. The PhY-49 MPG build!

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Entirely possible if you drive like an Eco nut! I have the best of both worlds. Vx lean burn and the tall HF trans. I bet it'll get 100mpg at 40mph. But I'm not doing 40 and doubling my commute time. Eff that!
Not planning to. I want this car to look and drive clean. I might try out a temporary setup (coroplast , strong masking tape) just to see what kind of numbers they actually make. But unless they make a significant difference, no. I am quite possibly going to do a full belly pan with a splitter and rear diffuser, though. Along with a grill block and a deleted passenger mirror.
Long time since my last update. Haven't had a lot of time to work on it. PhY49 had a good day today. Tore down the D15Z1 and loaded it up to take to the machine shop. Pulled the resident B18. And some parts porn.. New brake calipers, pads, lines, struts, springs, spring hats, exedy clutch kit, a full Energy suspension bushing set with all the ad-ons, a bunch of Oem honda bits and pieces, etc.