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its a 92 gs integra and I am doing the b18c1 swap in it and also at the same time converting auto to manual the motor is obd1 and I ahve all parts to do the swap my question would be what all is gonna be involved I know about the drilling holes for the master cylinder getting pedal assembley for clutch pedal running all the lines and slave cylinder but is this gonna be direct drop in or is there gonna be some issues here like for the shifter rod and putting in the shifter assmebnly and such any help would be greatly apreciated thanks.
The shift linkage bolts up no problem, but you do have to do some wire splicing and adjust the rear tranny mount I think.
when i did the auto t manual swap it my car it was a lot easier cuz i used a cable tranny which you should do...it would be alot easier...the only holes you will need to drill is one for the clutch cable intothe firewall and the other hole for the shift linkage to bolt to the center or center console which ever you want to call it. this is a good thing cuz you can drill holes so the shifter can sit as close to you as you want ;)
We did the auto to manual swap in my civic, and it was pretty easy. I kept the hydraulic clutch, and the master cylinder and slave cylinder just bolted right up the shift linkage fit right inplace, the hole was already in the floor for the shifter. The only thing we had to do that was kinda hard was to fix a couple of wires so the key would come out of the ignition and so it would crank since i don't have park anymore.