A Littel Project

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Well I'm wanna try and work on a little program that will interpolate 1/4 mile results.
ie. I did the 1/4 in 13.8s@99MPH, well that sounds sweet, but is it realistic, could I of done better etc....

well for me to actually work on this and get the algorithmn to work properly I need real real number from some folks who have run the 1/4 mile
with thier car.
I'll need
60-ft time
1/8 mile time

etc... I need all the time slip info. to get accurate results.

anyone care to help.
plz , pm or post your info,
isn't the elavation on the time slip ??

well, you hear a lot of people say well I did the 1/4 in 13.2@109MPH.

my 1/4 time was 12.9@145MPH
but that mph is good for a low second run. etc... etc..

so givin you know the distance traveled.
Time to complete the run.
Velocity etc....

We all know it comes down to traction. so I'd like to be able to interpolate for example the 12.9@145 and say well
it's very possible to get a better time if your 60ft is better etc... or how much better my time could be.

Just somethin to keep me busy.

and if we wanna get really anal about it, I guess I'll need to know the co-effecient of drag for each car. etc...
but I'm not looking for 100% acurrate results. just a balpark figure +/- a little bit or error.
No, the elevation isn't on the time slip, I'd have to look it up. Don't know if it would affect what you're doing.

Let me know and I'll post my stuff.
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Feb 19 2003, 11:24 AM
wouldnt gearing be a large factor?

I'm looking to start out small.
when I get some of the computations done. then I'll start adding the dynamics of the vehicle

as far as elevation. if you just give me the track name I'll look up the elevations.
Alright here ya go. I think my vehicle weight is a tad under 3,000 lbs. Ride is an Accord with a JDM H22A.

Track temp: 82 degrees Fahrenheit
Barometer: 23.34
R/T: .903 (blarg)
60': 2.571
330': 7.154
1/8: 10.901
MPH: 65.72
1000: 14.104
1/4: 16.787
MPH: 84.48

Crappy thing is, I dialed my time at a 16.75 for the competition, and I was going to run like a 16.5 or better, but I had to hit the brakes hard to keep from going under my dial-in.
Elevation should def. be accounted for. It makes a huge difference, especially in an NA car. All you guys that talk about laying down 13 sec passes on cars that sound pretty stock blow my mind. The fastest turbo Hondas that I have seen at Bandimere Speedway were running 10s. The only import I ever saw get into the 9s there was Brent Rau's Eclipse GSX.
With a good driver I have seen them get to mid 15s. My LS with just an intake and an exhasut ran 16.5 on a cold evening. And that was fast. My ex roommates G2 with a fairly built LSVTEC bairly hit 14s.
Id love to help out! Ill post my times after I get my tranny back together and I go pick up a flywheel. I might be a bit optimistic but im willing to bet 20 bucks that im into the high to mid 14s on some shitty continentals :) i can't wait till i get those rota's with some big sticky wrinkle wall vette killer meats on em :worthy: :)
on a second note... who is gonna meet me in texas this summer? Im going down there to a car show and im gonna get my hondata stuff done while im there :ph34r: ahhh ::sigh:: the lude shall be fun :)
Where in Texas? I'll most likely be visiting New Mexico sometime this summer, and wouldn't be opposed to a little driving for a Hondaswap meet. :)
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Feb 19 2003, 11:50 AM
Yeah, we see stock ITR's run low to mid 16's here, depending on the driver..

An ITR in the 16's?!! At the track here in ND, there was a 2000 type r last year that was running mid to high 14's all day, and he had never raced at a track before. My bone stock 93 civic ex was running 16.0, and there was a Celica GT-S running high 14's as well. Of course it was only like 70 to 75 all the time though.
dohcvtec_accord is in colorado... hes like 5234 miles above sea level... there is no air there... so cars are slower
I'm pretty sure it's impossible to calculate a quarter mile time. My buddy, who is working on a physics degree right now spent about a month trying to figure out a possibe formula. There's just like so many factors, tire pressure, elevation, weight, barometric pressure, track temperature, blah blah blah. If that is what your trying to do.
Bandimere is higher than that. I think the sign says 53XX feet. If you really want to know look up the elevation of Morrison, CO.