A New Sound!

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Recently my Sol started making a sound similar to a heat shield vibrating, except varying in pitch. It seems to only occur once the engine is warmed up, and seems to come from directly underneath the cabin. I finally looked under there today, and I am sure what is going on is that the casing on the cat is somehow vibrating. When I hit the cat with a broom, it sounds just like it. The sound also seems to come from the cat.

I don't really want to spend money on a new cat, and would rather look for a way to fix the current cat, or to put in a straight pipe. Here in Michigan we don't really have a problem with having no cat -- there are no inspections. What's a good price for "test pipe" labor? If I remember correctly, I know a place that does it for $30 or so (pipe included), but is almost 2 hours away. Is there some way that I could weld the outside of the cat, or epoxy it or something? Thanks for the info.
you could weld it or just rip the heat sheild off (be careful if you do this ... the cat produces a LOT of heat and the sheild is there for a reason)
Get the test pipe and get rid of the Catalyc Converter. You will notice a little bit of difference in gas mileage and power as well.
then your car will make a raspy sound.

But right now it is making a raspy sound at about 10 - 15 khz.. (A really high pitch raspy hella bad sound)

Just wondering also, would something as simple as getting a large clamp to go around the cat, or possibly JB welding it tight work?

I'm trying to come up with ideas for a cheap solution.. still paying off the credit card bill.
hrmmm i think i have my bosal exhaust system laying around at the shop :)
Actually in michigan you can still get in trouble for not having a cat but it is only a fix it ticket. My shop teacher showed me an easy way to strait pipe it and still "keep" that cat on there. Take the cat off, pound all the crap out of it, then send the test pipe through it then throw it back on. The cat is "still" there but not really doing anything. The only thing, it does not give you that much of a diffrance.