a supercharged crx?? for sale

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youre right, i was looking at the enlarged pic, but now that i look closer, it doesnt look stock

but still it sounds retarded to me cause he says he put 35k into it, it has a pro built JG engine but it only can go 140mph??? I can do 120 with my stock d15. wtf?
top speed is all about final drive and 5th gear.

a true measure of horsepower is trap speed in the 1/4 mile.
it would have to have a super fuggin tall gear 5th gear to not be able to go past 140 in a supercharged built to the balls engine. what happens if he gets 1200 ft. down the strip and tops out???? LMAO that just does not make sense.
hmm now that i think about it, naybe he means it will do 140mph in the 1/4 mile...but then why doesnt he post a time...or even an engine type!! he BOASTS that it has '89 SI parts!! WTF? is that supposed to impress???
lol it's Neuspeed =] (after aaron NEUmann) and wouldn't it be a very SHORT 5th gear? a tall gear allows for a higher top speed. cars usually don't get to 5th gear in the quarter anyways.