A20a Vs. B20a

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Junior Member
Will a JDM B20A match up to an old ES2 transmission, and will it be able to take the torque? If not than what is the best way to try and fit a B20A into a smaller frame 84 Accord LX Hatchback. I believe the Gen 2 Accord Hatcbacks have simular engine bay dimensions to the Gen 1 CRXs, but don't quote me, I'm not a CRX guy. I'm just afraid of trying to fit a newer engine into my car and still have enough clearance for the CV joints. Any other suggestions for an engine swap for a Gen 2 Accord LX Hatchback? Are any of the older CRX engines a better match? I'm trying to go with carburation and a non VTEC solution. I know it's old school, dinosaur technology but it's all I need. I already have the dual carb set up ready, but I only want to build an intake manifold for one engine. I just need to get this POS CvCC ES2 out of my car.

Also is it possible to swap out the rear disc brake assembly from an old Prelude onto my Gen 2 Hatchback Accord? The Accord has the wishbone suspension like the Preludes.