A6 to Z6 Swap; Vtec doesnt engage and car bogs when warm - Lemons Race Tmr Pls Help!!

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We have a lemons race this weekend and finished swapping over a z6 head onto our otherwise stock d16a6.

-92 Z6 Head swap
-RPM activated RPM controller wired to give + input to solenoid at 5000 RPMs

-When the car is cold it idles and revs fine with excellent throttle response
-When the car is operating temp. it idles fine but throttle response is very poor in low RPMs
-At all times once the vtec controller activates our solenoid, the car bogs and RPMs drop below activation and shoot back to 5K activates and bogs (constant cycle)

So my question are for this race that we have this weekend.

-Can i run the car without vTec all weekend in worse case scenario? I assume yes
-what would cause such a throtle response issue when the car is at operating temp

Any and all help is appreciated; we just want to go out and race!!
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There are many variables on what could be causing your issues , but yes the car can be driven without VTEC but it's not good for the cam lobes
Tell us the ecu and what tune is on it.

You may want to swap a non-VTEC head on for the race. Running a VTEC head without activating VTEC will not only wear out the cam, but you won't have the optimized cam profile and without VTEC, you will lose power above 5k.
You could rig up a switch to activate vtec when needed. I did that temporarily on a swap I did before I changed out to the proper ecu.
sounds like he already has that rpm pill based switch in place.