Abilene TX sucks!!

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Capt. Orygun

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Just wanted to gripe about the way the roads are built here, you can't even get out of the car wash without takin it sideways for fear of dreaded scrape, this whole town was disnged for a three toothed, redneck, monster truck rally, complete with huge dips in the road to let water drain (nothing like driving through a brook), and I won't even go into how ineffective this is when it rains. Can you say no drainage system!?!
We had some road work done on the road to my work, they tore up a section, and spray painted in orange "bump" on a wooden sign (fucking FL rednecks)...Well, you can't see the sign at night, I went over it at around 55-60, I heard a big scraping noise...No damage, but my right axle was fucked up from about 4 months ago...I called the county of roads/transportations and told them there is a hige section ripped apart, and you cant see the sign until it's too late, and they repaired my axle for free. So if anything of yours gets fucked up, call the city and bitch until you get your way.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 30 2002, 11:01 AM
how about this:


well I'm in the military so in leu of commiting a FEDERAL CRIME! I think I'll stay here for a while....
Just came from England, can't leave for a while. And the average time before you leave this base is like 5 years :angry: