About Flash (macromedia)

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Does anyone know how to get around website security in downloading flash from a website?

In particular www.rockstargames.com

I want to see how they did some things with thier GTA III site but even with offline explorer it is not possible to download thier site.

I know in a general sense Java is pretty easy to get around for small security things... but I've never even used flash and I want to see how it's done.

(They have an awsome site which I'd admittedly like to "borrow" a part of thier design for a personal non-profit project website.)
you cant.

flash as posted to the web is an swf
flash as usuable, is an fla

its kinda like photshop image with 101033 layers. once saved as a gif and put on the web, when opened again in photoshop, its one layer.