ACER laptop emergency!!!! Help!!!

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Hey guys - my wife tried to turn on her Acer laptop last night and when it booted and the screen came up all of the text for all fo the icons, windows, etc will not show. I can see all of the icons clear as day but there is no text under them to tell what file is what. She needs to get her resume off there ASAP as she has a job offer and would like to get the info off to something she can work on.

Here is what I have done:

Tried to revert back to a previous restore point - same issue
Start in safe mode - same issue
yanked the battery - same issue

Any ideas?
so the machine works OK minus the icons?

could be something in display settings.... but what ian said would work best if you have a desktop with extra sata ports inside.
How do I do that? I know enough to be dangerous but I don't want to lose any data. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem? Everything goes good until I log in. Do you think it is a driver issue?
I would think definitely a driver issue, but if you didn't change any of your configuration, I'd suspect dead hardware.
Putting the HDD in another pc is a good idea, but the better thing to do IMO is to use a Ubuntu live USB drive...
is all you need

I just boot it up, save all the stuff i want to keep, then reinstall windows whenever I need to.

You can also use the word processor that's included with Ubuntu in case the pc is really screwed up
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Put stuff thats' important on something like google drive, or set up a mount to amazon s3. Most are first 5gb free. There's no reason not to!

To get it off, if you can get the machine online and on the net, you may be able to access it through the network on another machine, IF you have shared that directory/machine before hand.

If its just the GUI that's hosed,

dos your way into that file
By happenstance I was able to fumble around enough to get the files on to a external hard drive blindly.

B - Believe me if it was my own pc I wouldn't keep that stuff on there. But the wife is stubborn and doesn't listen.