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This is a groupbuy for Members ONLY..

These are AEM Brake Pads made by Nissin of Japan. Chet knows more about it than I do, but they are very good pads.

Check out this web site that I have created, and tell me what you want.

There's again no time limit and I will delete this buy whenever.....

Contact me at 813.376.8933
PM me
Or email me at
nissin makes OEM honda brake pads and calipers.

these pads are slightly better than stock, wear like stock, excellent choice for daily driving, occasional auto-x.
I saw a chart somewhere that showed the AEM pads as better than the axxis metal masters and one other pad(I forget). I already have a set that was sent to me for free as a backup after my metal masters go on me.
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Oct 23 2002, 09:03 AM
I'd love to get in on the deal, but I want to replace all four. Like Brian said....can you get rears too?

yes, the back is available. I just didn't have time to develop that section. For now just as per application. And later, I will put the prices down...
thanks, and sorry for not having the back prices!
Originally posted by asmallsol@Oct 25 2002, 03:28 PM
I am probally going to pick up a pair for the front, (95 del Sol Si) how much for the shipping

what's your zip code......and I can figure the shipping price!
I am going to pick up a set sometime this week. Do I send the money through paypal?
Is no one interested in these brakes? If no one is interested I could end this buy and move on to something more productive!
aem pads + cross drilled or slotted rotors is all that you need to stop a civic.

if any of you have ever paid attention to how well your OEM pads work these are substantially better...i have used AEM pads before and have a set waiting to go on my car as we speak.
Originally posted by ZC 89HATCH@Nov 8 2002, 12:34 PM
i would like to buy a set of fronts

if you would like for me to call you to get your information, please PM me your telephone number. If if you would like to contact me please call 813.376.8933.

Thank you