Aem Ems Or Motec?

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I am struggling on which to choose. I know that the AEM EMS in plug and play and i hear many good things about it, but Motec...... is Motec. I know with Motec i will need a custom harness and all that. I am gonna run 30 PSI when i go to E-Town to get the best possible time, on race gas, slicks. But for the street im gonna run 10 to 15 PSI. Right now my motor is being fully built and by fully i mean fully, every moving part (besides the strong Honda crank, and plus a new crank is $2500+, so we'll leave that stock...... for now)is being replaced, Ferrea Valvetrain, Ross Pistons, Carrillo rods, AEBS T-SLeeves, honed, bored to 81.5, blueprinted, balanced, O-Ringed so it will handle the boost pressure. I am gonna break in the motor and in October i am gonna get the Turbo( i hate to wait that long but the people who i want to dyno tune it are a team that have a race season and so i have to wait). Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks
sorry to double post but, i saw something on Hondata Autotune, how does that rate to AEM and Motec? and i dont think id be able to tune Hondata by myself, i get the basics, but me inputing the correct a/f ratio scares me.
if you are afraid of that...

get someone else to tune it for you... you said you were having someone do it.
Which is better all around, not for price, which is just plain better?
personally i use a hondata system and have been becoming more and more active in the actual writing of the programs. I've been messing around writing some .bin maps over the winter and i plan on emulating them and trying them out at the track when they open up in a few months.

i don't know much about motec, but a friend of mine got an aem after he sold his hondata, but unfortuantely this damn winter thing is hampering our testing.