All burned up


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A freind of mine had a recent loss.

Fortunatly no one was hurt.

Unfortunatly the engine, which was on a stand in the garage, is no more.
B18 with all forged internals. Completely rebuilt to specs. Makes me feel sick knowing how much work was put into the engine.

Before the fire

After the fire



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Well, if anything, you can set it out as a lawn ornament. and use it as a potter, since it comes with built in openings. Kinda like how they take old oil rigs and ship superstructures and sink them in the ocean to create artificial coral reefs.

Besides, no one else has a burnt up engine in their lawn with flowers growing out of it.


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as long as it was in the garage it should be covered, so sad to see that and i hope he had receipts.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@May 19 2005, 10:53 AM
wow! how did the fire start?
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welder set fire to the jeep or whatever that thing is in the garage. I guess buy the time they realized something was burning they couldn't put it out with an extiguisher.