altenator belt

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okay my 95 b18c1 has some belt squeaking when i start it up, even more now that it is getting cold. i figure its the altenator belt b/c i dont have power steering or a/c and i think your timing belt wont squeak. my question is can i tighten that thing up easily or just i get a new belt and put that on and how hard is it to do? i can just get under the car loosen some bolts and move it or is it a b*tch? the engine is a 93 civic hatch. thanx
How long has it been since you've changed it? Chances are, you can just adjust the tension and you'll be good. Don't know much about how to adjust a 93 hatch, but it can't be more than half an hour's worth of work.
On the GSR motor it should be really easy. I don't have exact steps for you but a Helms manual would. As would a Chiltons or Haynes.