aluminum radiator question

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how much lighter is a fluidyne 38mm all-aluminum radiator over a cheap metal radiator? i have a metal one in my rex and am trying to figure ways to cut weight from the front of the car (has to do with the eventual B16 swap, which weighs 100+lbs more than my current engine). if u know of any other weight saving ideas for the engine bay, please post. thanks. (i already know about a cf hood)
fluidynes aren't deisnged in aluminum for weight- they are designed in it for good heat disapation which ultimately leads to better cooling. I really wouldn't worry about having a b16 in there as long as you have suspension. Shit, jdm crx's came stock with one. the chassis is desinged for it
Not necessary to save weight just to make up for the B series--it came in the CRX SiR in Japan! Plus with your Eibachs, you should be more than good with it. If you do want to save weight, however, cf hood and fenders would be my first step.
ok thanks guys! :) where would i be without all this awesome help?! :)
prolly gonna skip the cf hood and fenders too cause of the price.
LOL no, i never liked those things in the first place....but i'd prolly would have alot of crappy components like cheap springs and a shitty exhaust.