Another Ebay Manifold Question, but better

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SOHC VTEC at its best
eBay Motors: T3/T4 Turbo Manifold Header Civic CRX Del Sol D15 D16 (item 370159085741 end time Feb-23-09 17:30:00 PST)

this manifold is braced from the turbo flange to the runner that bolt to the head and also from the wastegate flange to the turbo flange. do u think it will still crack? i'm debating on one made like this with the supports/braces or a normal cast manifold like this one:

eBay Motors: CAST TURBO MANIFOLD D15 D16 D HONDA CIVIC CRX DEL SOL (item 400032001703 end time Feb-24-09 17:08:28 PST)

please let me know what u think. i'm going to be removing the a/c if i have to, i'm not entirely sure on how to do that. if anyone has a write up on that please link it here.
I really think you should just do it right the first time and buy a quality manifold. Its a waste of time and money to cheap out when turbocharging a car.
holy crap, $47????????

i mean, its over $50 in materials alone.

i don't think that will survive shipping, let alone running on a car.

you get what you pay for man

if its your only car and you have to get to work, not a chance.
if its just a toy, and you have AAA, and want to replace manifolds once a month, you can probably come out ahead if you only drive the car for 5 months :)
:withstupid: You get what you pay for. Consider the hassle of fixing a problem as part of the cost. After all, time = money.
i have owned both that tubular one and the cast one and the tubular mani had to have crack welded on it about once a week till i gave it away. I have that same cast mani on my car now and it has been on there for 1 1/2 years and I havent had a problem with it yet but i have seen them crack also

Also as stated before you get what you pay for and if this is your only car do it right or you will hate your self later when it breaks.
ok i see everyone's point i wanted to check and see. what is a good company to buy one from without having to spend like $300 on one? i'm prob gonna go with a cast one, maybe the ebay one. tubular ones are more expensive and i can always get a more expensive tubular once i go vitara and up to around 15lb+ along with the built motor. this basically is my only car and i wanna do it right the first time. i didn't think the tubular mani would last, even though it is braced to "not make it crack". i wanna run as high of boost i can on stock motor. someone will be chipping and tuning with crome.
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You're going to build your motor yet wont buy a worth while manifold?


btw that 2nd manifold looks like a turbonetics manifold.
ok so i need to spend at least $300 on a quality manifold. what are some good companys that sell a cast mani or tubular/ log style?
I've found that the companies that do provide a lifetime warranty are also the same instances where you never utilize that warranty because the product is made correctly. PFAB is decent. If you decide to go a little more expensive, look into Full Race or Peakboost. BoostFlow also makes some decent stuff at affordable price levels.
ok cool that PFabrications manifold looks nice AND i could keep my ac. not too bad plus its looks like its a good quality piece.