Any Good Ls/vtec Sites And Quick Question.

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I was wondering if their were any good info sites on ls/ i can compare and learn more about them to build mine of now this is what i have, and i plan to run a 75shot ZEX on occasion.

99 b18b1 block
99 Ls rods with 00 ITR Pistons
00 b16a2 head with ITR springs and 00 CTR cams
00 b16a2 tranny
New ACT clutch kit
00 ITR oil and water pump
00 GSR Oil Pan,Pickup,Windage Tray,Crank Girdle
ARP Head and Rod bolts.
New Rod/Main bearings,thrust washers, and Piston ring set all Honda OEM
Chikara 4-2-1 Header :D
Crappy Nuformz blockguard some guy gave me. (i dont know if i should even use it)

Will this setup hold a decent 75shot.
And, is their anything else I should buy or do before I put it all together, I want it to be a lil reliable and decently fast...All in a 98 Civic Hatchback..Thanx in advance for all help.. -Paul
Have you purchased all this stuff already?
If not, don't bother with the LSVTEC. It will cost you more than a B18C swap. (Unless you have the LS in the car already)
ITR won't fit stock LS rods, the rods need to be shaved. Just get some JDM P30 pistons. They fit no problem and will yeild about 11.3:1 with that head.
Yeah I have all this stuff already, and yes the ls rods will work with the ITR pistons, I got them from a friend from his old ls/vtec cuz he stepped up to some ROSS pistons.and no its not in my car yet, i have the block on an engine stand eady to be assembled. and I got it all for just 500 :D from a friend who got his car repoed-paul
Either he had the rods machined or they are not ITR pistons. I tried, they don't fit stock. They could be CTRs, those fit LS rods stock.

$500, you can't beat that price. I have no idea how that setup will take Nitrous, but I imagine with the right tuning you will be fine.
If they're LS rods, then it has to be shavened and balanced already cus' I have the same set up in mine. The only thing I wouldn't recommend is not to use the b16 tranny especially with 75 shot. I had mine gone out in 3 weeks. I'm currently using the ITR tranny, try locating a GSR tranny to save you the labor of pulling it back out again.