any one here running the aebs gsr manifold?

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looking to get this manifold , but was wonder what anyone that was running thought about it and if they have a website what that was?
AEBS teamed up with Professional Products to create the "Typhoon" intake manifold. They make one for the B16/itr and now one for the GSR (new for '05)

This manifold is BY FAR the best bang for your buck as far as mild all motor apps go. I have personally seen 15 WHEEL hp on a built LS/VTEC. Not to mention you can find this manifold for anywhere between 125 and 175 bux BRAND NEW.

I have one for my B16a, I also got the 64mm throttle-body, so I don't know how just the intake manifold would would help. but both gave me alot better throttle response. Dyno results coming soon.