Any Wiring Guru's? Make $200+...

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Im fed up with my wiring nightmare...
trying to swap a 92 JDM b16A from an integ rsi(grey plug connectors) into a 91 civic DX hatchback.
i have a 1st gen b16a dizzy(white plug) and the o2 sensor is a single 4-wire plug
i have my full stock dz harness and i also have a mpfi wiring loom complete with resistor box...
Im using a obd0 pr3 ecu....
Im willing to pay 2bills if someone can wire up everything so that i can get my baby running maybe more if you do a great job....if intrested PM me for more info... better yet email me @

I live in the San Diego area
i've done the exact swap except with an 89 dx swapped over to the MPFI Si harness and resistor box with a 92 XSI grey plug motor, where are you at? i'm in charlotte, nc
oh i just read where you are at, well email me and i can help