Anyone into OCR? (Or other endurance running)

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There's something to be said for the level of organization of an event... every video I've watched looks like it's setup in someone's backyard.

That and I have no desire to eat a whole pack of peeps and chug a 2L bottle of soda. It makes the whole thing more of a joke/gimmick. Take those out and have it just be obstacles/running/shooting and I'd be more than happy to give it a shot. Otherwise I can't take it seriously.
Technically, it's just someone's property, not back yard since it's all hunting property/lodges/etc.

If you're scared, just say so.
That and I have no desire to eat a whole pack of peeps and chug a 2L bottle of soda
everyone's a winner with diabeetus
I finally got to 1 mile. 3.6 and 4 mph intervals with 2 minutes at 5.0mph at the end.
186 is my max heart rate.

There is a 14 year old kid/hockey player that managed 1.3 last week. Skinny and lanky, but he crushed it.

15x15 10 17 2016.jpg
Don't worry about it. Kids have retard strength and endurance haha. And skinny and lankey is probably good for it, less weight for him to have to push forward.

I haven't done this test in a while. I've actually been slacking working out in general as I've been pretty busy with life. Only getting in 1,2 maybe 3 workouts a week.

But for the next 4-6 months I'll be doing aerobic base building. Lots of time on the treadmill trying to keep my HR low-ish. Slower steady boring miles to increase my aerobic capacity and cardio efficiency.
A little update since all my races are finished this season. I finished up with a couple shorter races. I've been slacking in my workouts, but getting back into the swing of it finally.

BSS 10k - October 2nd
6.2 mile trail race with a good amount of hills
Time: 51:49
finished 10th place over all (out of ~160), and 3rd in my age group

Across the Bay 10k - November 6th
6.2 mile road race up and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (the bridge part is about 4 miles long, max height 185ft midway)
Time: 42:42
def a 10k personal best for me. personal best 5k split to @ 21:13. I never run on roads so I didn't know what to expect, but I feel i crushed this race.
finished 110th place overall (out of 21,000) and 18th in the M30-34 age group

Turtle Trek 5k - November 12th
3.1 mile relatively flat trail race
Time: 21:15
wanted to do sub 21 here, but I felt really off this day. couldnt get into the groove. and it was really cold.
finished 2nd place over all (very small race, not a lot of competition. only like 50 people)