Anyone Know What My Car Should Run

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i was wondering if anyone knows what kind of time im looking at in the 1/4.
90 si hatch
93 b18a, y1 trans
head port and polished,intake manifold port and polished
stage 2 cams from crower along w/ springs retainers. Hayame cam gears
cai,4-2-1 headers from bomz racing, custom catback exhaust
gutted rear, lightened wheels.
11.74-16.32 seriously there is no way to tell,are you a good or crappy driver.Is this up in the mountains or on the coast?Summer or winter?Many people ask and the answer they all get is the same,go to a track and find out.
go to the track and find out, there are to many variables for anyone to tell you...

Not open for further replies.