A'pexi Vafc

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When would you introduce this to your car, my car mods are below in my signature. I have no clue about tuning and my buddy that works/tunes my car is a good 4 hours away. Is this something I can do with a little research. Would you even put VAFC on this car. I'm putting on a header and exhaust very soon.
get it if you want to. i put one on my car w/ just an intake/header/exhaust and a cam gear... but now i'm running a b16 and it is something yo ucan tune yourself on a dyno or with a wideband o2 sensor on the street. but it's nice being able to adjust your vtec crossoverat any time.

and moving to electronics
Originally posted by brc80@Mar 1 2003, 01:40 AM
150 Hp :bs:

Why? ZC pistons and y8 head will yield around 12 or so CR (chart on honda-tech.com) and a standard mini-me on a d15 with a z6 head and bolt ons is around 135-145. It is perfectly legit with what he has so far.
a wideband o2 sensor reads air/fuel ratio very accurately.

oem ones are generally only good at reading stoich 14.7:1

fjo makes an affordable one

www.hondata.com for more info on widebands
Originally posted by randerson165@Mar 1 2003, 01:36 AM
When would you introduce this to your car...

you can and probably SHOULD do it at this point (getting a vafc). its all about optimizing the efficiency of your engine with your current mods. at this point, your stock ecu is probably nowhere close to optimizing your setup. the fuel rail alone is a very good reason to get a vafc.
If I go with the VAFC, do I NEED an wideband O2 sensor, or can I live with my O2 sensor in the mean time ?
you dont need a wideband at all. it's just good for tuning it.

i use my stock o2 sensor and when i go to the dyno on tues. i will just use their wideband. it's more a tuning tool
a vafc comes with very simple instructions out of the box to "tune" it. this method of tuning is not nearly as exact as having it professionally tuned. However, it should still allow you to get more from your motor. If you go to the hondata website you will find a bunch of articles on how to tune. they wont tell you how to specifically tune a vafc, obviously. but none the less it will bring you a lot closer to knowing where to start. remember to watch your a/f ratio so that you dont blow anything up.
tuning with a VAFC is like drag racing with a Yugo.

While its a good tool for making minor adjustments quickly, nothing compares to a standalone system such as hondata. If you have a dealer in your area (check hondata's webpage) I HIGHLY suggest you get the s100. Not only is it cheaper than an apex i VAFC, the benefits are 300-fold of what the vafc coudl ever offer.
Again, the only drawback is that you need to get on the dyno with the dealer's software.