Apexi Ws/spoon/tein Ss/tokico For H22 Ek Coupe

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Kguys my budgest is around $1000. I dont take my car to autox at all. It will only see the 1/4 and thats it, no track racing. The h22 is heavy so I need a decent suspension. I know i can do better but i dont have 2-3k for toda . My choices are apexi world sport $890,spoon non adjustable $899,tokico illumina R $820,Tein SS $980. Help me decide on a pair and where can i get lower prices at, i got all this info including prices from modacar.com

i'd go with custom rates from ground control.

then koni yellows.

that way you can compensate for the added weight.
I think you would be koo if you would go say a ground control/koni setup. because i have ground control coilz with kyb adjustables and they work fine. i say if you dont have any kind of springs at all right now, the true-coilover setup would be koo. but if you have ground controls/skunk2, just get a decent shocks and you'll be fine..
ground control's allow you to order CUSTOM spring rates. this means getting rates that would be specifically designed for the h22a in his car.

blake fuller, a local guy in this area, told me he thinks ground controls and koni's are one of the best and most underrated setups on the market today. he runs them on his racecar and won the pikes peak challenge last year...he's sponsored by honda (yes, thats right by honda, when i went to his garage he had just received 50 new boxes of OEM honda parts, including a NEW 5-lug conversion and new Type R motor) and has 450/550 rates on his civic. he's been using koni's for like 3 years now and they have still not blown, although to have them work best revalving them would have to be done...by koni...for like 300 or so.

basically, unless you spend over 2k for a good set of fully adjustable coilovers with stiff spring rates the ground control/koni setup will work just fine.
great, the only problem is your spending at least 500 more for a setup that is equal at best to the ground control/koni setup.
true. i was just offering this to him because he seems pretty set on a coilover setup. some of the coilover setups also use their own upper mounts which eliminate the rubber bushing up top to give you a better feel and allow for more suspension travel.
www.modacar.com has a sale on the spoon coilovers. They are non adjustable. this is what they say about them

Spoon Sports Non Adjustable Damper Kits - SALE!!!

. Front Drop 2.2. Rear DRop 1.7. Front Spring Rate 24k. Rear spring rate

Will this be enough to handle a h22?Also they want $779. what do you guys think