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Wanted to apologize to ppl on the board because of my stupidity in an earlier post about putting n20 on a type R engine after talking to my friends who own imports i realized my stupidity in that post then telling everyone to fuck off wasn't kool i just didn't appreciate people mocking me when i didn't know why that was going on but that still didn't justify my actions and i would like to be able to still post on this board
its all good ... i get told to fuck off at least 3 times a day so i dont take offence to it anymore :) lol .... ive been in the possition of having people tell me that ideas i wanted to do sucked before and got kinda pissy about it too... just remember there is a lot of stuff to be learned... dont take it personal when people fuck with you.. its usually done in fun
lol nice ...
Originally posted by cloverwood@Nov 3 2002, 07:20 PM
i realized my stupidity

And you will find that a lot by posting here.

Everyone is stupid in some respect.... we as people just need to be open-minded. We all learn here- you need to be open minded.

Maybe our attitudes aren't that great sometime-- but i guess we just get sick of the same old 'dumb' questions.

People say there is no such thing as a dumb question. Well, I think there is. But, its backed on knowledge I guess- so its not dumb to you, but to me, I personally thought up an image of your car that looked pretty close the that of ricexxxboyxxx's avatar :) stereotyping i guess...

In the other thread, I told you that you'd come running back if you juiced it :) hehe--

Turns out you didin't even have to go through with it, and ya still came running back :)

- stay cool this time around :spin: