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i know of many godspeed turbos that have held up fine(provided you run the oil return correctly and dont try to push them very hard) but as previously mentioned i would stay away from them..my last kit was from them and they do not have their shit together. they provide pictures of parts that they no longer sell, and they false advertise these parts as well. they do not include all the main hardware needed(even though it is pictured and in the description) and their downpipes fit like shit.


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Oh, well... if they false advertise I don't want a damn thing to do with them anyways.

The reason I ask is the reviews on the kits are pretty mixed. There's some that say they have had no problem with the turbo, then just as many who say they're crap.

Either way though, if there's any false advertising being done, I'm not even wasting my time with it. I do hear good things about the turbo manifolds though..


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This is more directed at Wil (Civicious). If I'm looking to spend $7-$12k on a newer car, what would be my best bet. I'm looking for Audi comfort, rear or all wheel, preferably manual, with at least 220hp. Creature comforts are a big plus. Reliability is fairly important. I know how to maintain my cars. I'd rather not have to pull the motor to do a timing belt (stupid Audi).

I really like the S4, but I already know how you feel about that. Any good suggestions?

I've considered E36 M3, AMG something maybe, etc?

Are you B?

What do the Pro's think about Godspeed turbos? I was looking at some KA24DE turbo kits...

So are their turbos crap, or not bad?



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Need some Chevy pros here :

I have a 1999 Tahoe. It has the non-airbag dashboard (Which I can't find any info on.. but I see a few pictures on the interwebs that show that it's not exclusive). Anyone have any info on this dash ?

Also, the Tahoe has no side trim. It has chrome bumpers, and nothing really remarkable. But it's tagged (Factory) as a "Tahoe SS". The Tahoe SS wasn't until 2003 or something. What gives ?

No LT or LTZ marking on it or it's papers. But it is marked "SS". Totally black body, beige interior, standard options - No rear AC, no heated mirrors or auto mirrors. Dash-controlled 4WD.

Anyone know any info on a 1999 Tahoe SS ?


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Here is my dash:


Yet this is what most people have:



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Wow, look at that shit. You won the internet !

Everything is clicking in now. I'm wondering if there is some sort of fuck up at the DMV or something. Title and tag report 1999. But this is totally in line with the 96 SS.


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The wiki I'm reading about it now doesn't seem to match the description. wiki is talking about a concept SS that was called something else because insurance was giving crap about the SS badge. Also says something about special colors. Then it goes on to describe the color and body - but mine has no lower cladding.

Of course, it IS wiki so it's worth exactly that.


if it's canadian, you should be able to tell from the vin.damnit, beat by e


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Yeah, I'm behind the 8 ball on all of this. I just went to put the radiator in, and upon removing the old one was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that nothing leaked out.

Except ice chips.

So the whole thing is looking pretty bad. I have a kerosene heater under it now, and I'm waiting to see what kind of shit I may be facing. good thing is that I haven't paid anything for it yet, it's my friend's truck and he reported that he had parked it because the radiator was leaking. I guess he decided to put too much water in it "to get it home" and now it "may be fucking cracked".

Again, time will tell. And tomorrow's freeze isn't helping matters.


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Or it could have all leaked out already. Bring the radiator in the house to thaw out for the night


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I've been working on this thing in the 0 degree bullshit for 2 days now. Real slow movement so I don't break shit and smash my fingers. I only broke the plastic heater valve so far ($15 part.. dealer only - I have a mission tomorrow)

Most of my issues have been the radiator-stop-leak pellets (Yeah, I can hear the groans now). Its blocked up so much of the cooling system that I'm about 80% through a cooling system overhaul.

I got the truck to pump something - and it's running about 210 degrees at idle.

Letting the radiator drain I found that the oil is sludge, but the trans fluid is fresh and clean. so I'm doing the oil flush as well. I haven't run a compression check yet. I'll get to that later.

Then I had to drop it to do some work.


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Also, updated the OP with membership from Fernpatch and new details for Wil/Civicious/IDB Racing


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if it's canadian, you should be able to tell from the vin.damnit, beat by e

... and to answer the rest - the 99 is a DMV error. This thing is clearly a 96.

I found 2 other owners on line who have "SS" models. These are likely just a trim. The body is stripped of cladding, in black only. So this is all a factory thing.

All of the dealer docs don't list an SS option, nor feature a body that looks like this. The SS has nothing done to it but option deletes, and was a chance to get into the new Vortec 5.7 and save some weight.