Attn: Aim SN Injected Supra

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Or whatever you like to call yourself. Iming me with 3 different names trying to warn me everytime I own you.

If you got my screen name from this site, then come represent. You IM me quoting my signature, and call me a homo, when you drive a f*cking Corolla, not a Supra you flaming biter. I know you're just 12, taking mommy's car out for joyrides pretending to be a "racer", but come on man, that's pathetic. And if you do actually have a Corolla, and you can legally drive it, and it's actually boosting 18lbs, lets see some pics, some timeslips, some dyno charts, and a videotaped run. Then we'll see how much of a badass you really are.....punk b*tch.
No I erased it after I blocked him. I should have saved it, show everyone how much of a pussy he is. He came back with a 2nd name saying he was a girl and didn't know the difference between a muffler and exhaust, and didnt know what a catalytic converter was. Then he IMed me with a 3rd name that I ignored.
I now know it's someone from this site...said his name was rico246, but he's not registered here. Whoever you are, show your face, don't be a pussy just cause you're gonna get laughed at with your corolla. I'm callin you out little girl, bring it.
rico246 was registered before the great Hondaswap crash of '02. He may still come around, after this we ought to give him some shit.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 1 2002, 12:15 AM
Yeah he was here before--

spamming is not cool. if he gives you more shit, let me know and i'll ban him :worthy:

Werd, thanks bro.