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sup peoples..i have a stupid ass question to i honestly dont dont laugh...anyway..i got some lil rust spots here and there on my car..prob size of nail heads...and i want to get a paint job..but first i fig to get the body worked on Rust and lil dings here and that shit is perfect when i paint it..what my question is..i wanna get the work done first on the body..(get rid of rust and dings..and prepare the car to get painted.)..does that shit usually cost alot..and how long can you have primer spots after the work is long can i have the work done till i get it painted.??anybody know..cuz i really dont know shit about body work..any help would be appreciated..
how bad is the body work needed, is it just minor or more of an issue. go talk to the paint place and get their professional opinion and see if they do any of the minor work.
With the primer you can leave it on for a while but if you wait too long you should shoot another coat on there. If you want the car to come out good it would be best to bring it somewhere if you have the money. If you do it yourself make sure you remove all the rust or it will come back. I do not know how the rust converter stuff works but I would try that in places you can't really remove rust from.
nah..its def minor..the rust will prob be a issue like years from now..there is no dents on the car..i mostly jus want the rust fixed so it doesnt spead..when i get it painted....
yeah im def gonna have someone else do it..(professional body shop)..i jus wonderin how much shit like that thinkin in 400-500 dollar range..but then again i dont know shit bout body know im gonna get the same factory paint once its ready to get painted..i dont wanna change colors..Keep it SIMPLE..Keep it REAL..i dont need the BLING BLING..
i got my old car painted for around 500 i think, about the rust the place should clean it up but i dont know how good, it is always a good idea to talk to different places and go to who is recommended
i fig the body work will cost me around 4--500..then paint job around 600-700..