Auto - Manual

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i searched all ovr the forums but i didnt see anything on how to do an auto - manual conversion in a del sol. so to make this short im gonna list everything that i have to do the conversion, and if im missing ANYTHING at all please let me kno:

3.pedal assembly
6.clutch master/slave cylinder
7.clutch kit
8.tranny mount
9.shift linkage (which i dont have any yet)
10.shifter/shift knob/shift boot
11.gauge cluster


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hasport makes a custom motor mount so you dont have to cut or weld or drill anything..... because u need an auto to manual mount its off like an inch or so.... just did the conversion like 4 months ago on my sol


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ok well here is everything i kno im going to need for my auto-manual swap in my del sol:
-1 Tranny Mount
-Shift Linkage (still need)
-Clutch Kit/Flywheel
-Pedal Set
-Master/Slave Cylinder/Lines & Resevoirs
-Shifter, Shift Knob, Shift Boot
-Starter (still need)
-VSS Gear And Mount (still need)

If there is anything that i am missing still, please let me know!!