autox+track=fun/evo ownage

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just thought i would throw this up for your enjoyment:
On monday i got to do an autox up at Grattan Raceway. what an awesome track, only problem was some idiots put cones out on it and messed some of it up lol.

anyways, in the 3rd heat i was doing at my work assignment (corner 6, which was on the front strait in the last slalom of the autox course). Everyone was on their first run of the heat when this yellow evo comes FLYIGN on to the front strait (i guessed he was doin over 100mph). as he gets to the first cone he jerks the wheel to get thru the gate,and then jerks it back to attpemt to make the 2nd one... NOT GONNA HAPPEN. he begins to loose the back end of the car due to his extreemly high rate of speed (and lack of using the brake pedal i might add) and manages to slide sideways thru the 3rd cone (about 50 feet of spacing per pylon so 150 feet later roughly). at this point he should have just given up and let the car spin backwards down the strait. but nope, he continued trying to save it and in doing so he sent himself flying off the track and up the 15' tall hill and then into the guard rail on the front strait. im guessing that he hit doing between 55-70 mph... but for such a hard impact the car actually looked pretty good.

anyways, here are some pics and vids (*these are not mine)

im the one in the black hat/white shirt near the rear wheel.

now for the fun part. here are my first 2 runs:
my runs 6.6mb
excuse the lower quality sound, i had to do it to keep the file size down.

Yeah, sorry, but if he was doing 55- 70 MPH, he wouldn't have been able to stand next to his car, much less have a car to stand next to. Glancing blow or not, the air bag didn't even go off.


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dude i was standing on the track side of the wall 20 feet from where he hit... he was goin at LEAST 55-60 when he made contact with the wall.

that doesnt mean he was going 55 mph strait into the wall, he hit at an angle with the front end of the car (sliding backwards) and then the back rotated into the wall.

fortunatly (or unfortunatly) he hit with his front wheel at an angle which totaly destroyed his rim but might have saved some of the body work..

the air bags only go on a frontal impact, not on a glancing blow resulting from slding backwards into the wall.

if i had ms paint i would draw up a pic.

look at some of the pictures of where he hit and how far he slid after the contact with the wall.
I'd look at the pictures, but whoever's hosting those pics is either on a 300 baud modem, or made the pictures a couple megs a piece. I'm not waiting three minutes per picture to look.