Axiom headlights on a CRX?

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hey guys on my way to the mall today i noticed a chevy axiom sittin next to me. i thought to myself, "those headlights would look niiice on my rex". of course this is just my opinion but i jus wanted to know if anyone else thought it would look alright. and yes i know it will take a bit of custom fabrication to get it to work, fit, and look clean. thanks.
it will cost a ton of money. also it is not chevy it is Isuzu Axiom. Plus they are on an suv, much bigger then a little rex. Finally just keep it oem.
shit, my bad, i didnt know exactly what it was i just guessed, now i remember that it is an isuzu. i know it'll be expensive, but the headlights arent that big, i was lookin at 'em and they are about the same size as my headlights. i just like them cause they are clear like projectors but look better. IMO. anyone else?
have you ever thought about s2k headlights, the newer ones are clear (dont know about the older ones) The reason why they were clear is because they are zenon. For the price of OEM zenons, your talking big money. On some cars zenons are up to a 1000 option (if not more). Then you would have to instal them (lot of bondo and work) when you finally get them looking good, you have to repaint basicly the whole front end. By the time you are done, you will have spents more than engine swap
yea i know about the money issue, but i dont care, it was just a suggestion. but back to the first question. do you think it will look good? and about the s2k headlights, i dont think they would look good on a crx, not the right shape. i think they only look good on the s2k.

I dont know, looks 2 much like stock (not worth the money) One Thing that looks sweet on crx's is a 6th gen civic front end on them makes them have a very modern face
its not a chevy but it is owned and is put together on the GM production line. ( all chevy 4 cylinders are Isuzu from 92 up) and ill think theyll look sweet on a skivik/ its somethin different. im just surprised that no one has said how " rice " it is to mold head lights into your honda. it would be tight to go s14 conversion on her ass though ( )
Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@Dec 23 2002, 09:00 PM
i just like them cause they are clear like projectors but look better. IMO. anyone else?

you know u can buy projector headlights for crx's right? just thought i'd ask :) if u didn't, they run around $250-$350 new. usually a few always on sale at ebay.

a cheap way to get that look would be to get some crx projectors, then go to your local sign shop and buy a few feet of automotive grade black and (your car's color here) adhesive vinyl (its like very shiny expensive bumper sticker material), then make your own custom eyelids which emulate that shape. the vinyl sounds cheesy but ive seen it done on alot of expensive showcars including 1 lexus that has been featured in HCI magazine, so it does look professional, and the vinyl pieces should only cost about $2 a sq. ft. (i know this cause i work at a sign shop).
Originally posted by djextremity@Dec 24 2002, 03:57 AM
wtf is a skivik?

i'm guessing he ment to type "sivik" trying to be cool and finding another way to spell "civic".
yea i know about projectors, i have them on one of my CRX's, but i liked the axiom headlights cause they are skinnier (compared to length) and look better in comparison to the normal projectprs, IMO. and i like the one-piece look too.