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I'm Thai, Chinese, Portugese and Dutch, and there's probably alittle more somewhere
technically, flips are asian but really if you think about their not.. because the phillipines were taken over by the spanarids. thus a decent amount of pinoy/pinays speak fluent spanish..and alot of them i see look a little more latin than "real" asian... watever that is.. just my 2 cents.. btw im chinese..

ps.. what about Hindus??? are they asians??
Turkey,Iraq,Saudi there are a lot of places that are considered to fall into the asian realm,that people don't consider to be asian.So who cares.
hindu is asian, and indians(not native americans) are asian.

i wonder how many white people know their descent. a see a few of yall do.

btw im montagnard.
i saw this ricer indian has hella decals that said "punjab boyz" like a racing clique r something
Originally posted by strictlyJDM@Feb 7 2003, 12:08 AM
we've been pushing that sub continent sheit for a while....just making sure

Yah man! Lol. (I should've thought about the nick I was gonna use on this forum .. a bit more. gah. I thought I'd only post once.)