B Series In 5th Gen Civic

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Just trying to get this all straight here. I'm just checking to see what mounts and brackets I will be needing to mount a B16a2 with a GSR tranny into a 94 civic dx? Also I was wondering what axels to use? Ive heard of mixing integra and civic axels and just integra and just civic so i dont know what to do now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. <_<
you need a driver side mount from a del sol VTEC and any b series tranny mount and the rear tranny bracket from a del sol vtec
you can also use 94+ integra engine mounts, all 3 will work.

b-series axles will work from 94+ integra's, 94-97del sols, 99-00 civic si.

civic si transmission mount and drivers side mount will work, rear bracket has to come from integra or del sol.
Which front tranny mount do i need? And does anyone know about axels? Thanks
i used the hasport mount kit (wanted solid polly mounts)
the brackets from the JDM ITR (swap came with them)
and the axles for the JDM ITR (swap came with them)

id say you could use the integra mounts brackets and axles