B-series Motor In A 1991 Civic With Hasport Motor

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I want to swap a b16 or b18 style motor into my civic a 1991 std hatch...i've rode in other 88-91 civic/crx b16 swaps and they just seem a bit "shakey". one b16 swap was a old one where the the mounting positions were changed to fit the jdm b16 and the other was a motor mount swap using hasport mounts...both felt a little rough...i mean rough as in alot of vibration throughout the car...and not because both cars are lowered etc....... also none of the motor mounts are loose or broken and both swaps were done by pro shops...thanks any advice would help
the mounts most likely used were solid polly ones... those tend to be rougher... cuz they dont absorb as much of the engine vibration... this is completly normal... if you are looking for a smoother feel you could try using the 1st gen SiR mounts (not sure if they fit right)
yes the hasport mounts are the solid poly's and i know poly mounts are rough but is there anyway to make it drive or feel as smooth as a...lets say a...95' GSR...?...i looked into the sir mounts and they do not fit...thanks
the only way you will get that is if you find somewhere that has the mounts you need in rubber (ive never seen any)... or use the SiR ones and make them work (break out the welder)
it really shouldnt be that rough... even with the solid polly mounts... you will notice it a little at idle ... but if its a lot, its probly something else (needs a tune up, not tuned properly, too agressive cam profile, etc)