B16 Clutch

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i have a jdm b16a in my 90 si crx. which clutch should i get... i've heard a few different choices:

90-93 integra
90-91 integra
92-93 integra

i heard that 90-91 and 92-93 integra's all haver a cable clutch but they have a different amount of splines on the shaft.

if the above is true, how come it says nothing here? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...item=1876249199
If you can avoid it, dont get a b18a clutch. they have long gears. if i was going to change anypart of my car id b the clutch/tranny. U say clutch. but i think u mean the whole tranny, clutch u dont need to change. U need to get a cable tranny. if u can find a 90-91 JDM b16 cable clutch, it has best gearing and keeps ur engine cable.
it depends on your tranny is it a J series or a Y series
dang.. and i thought you guys knew motors.. i guess not.. <_<

the clutch you need for your jdm b16a1 first gen is the same clutch off a 90-91 integra. make sure it is from a 90-91.. only that will work because the spindles are different.
92-93 integra clutch will NOT work..

hope this helps.. i had the same problem when i had to change my clutch..

tony :D

btw.. you are running a jdm b16a cable tranny right? if you are then a 90-91 integra clutch is wat you need